The Best Of Taste Company

A key objective of the Shield Programme is to produce companies that are both sustainable an innovative. The 2 concepts of sustainability and innovation should go together i.e. if a company is innovative, and outpaces the competition, it should be more sustainable.

The above company proves this particular point. Nick Lipsom, and his late wife Ann, attended a Shield Programme that ran in 1996 in Crewe, Cheshire. Nick had a yearning to establish his own company and saw the Shield Programme as an ideal vehicle to achieve his aims

Nick and Ann were impressed by the thoroughness of Shield and the professionalism and helpfulness of the Shield presenters. They were particularly impressed by how Shield focussed course delegates on their strengths; interests and capabilities-so ideas were firmly rooted in the reality of the delegates experience and aptitudes.

In 1997 Ann and Nick formed The Best of Taste Company –a business specialising in the production of additive free desert sauces and coulis. The company marketed itself through tasting sessions at food fairs – and quickly established a reputation for both quality and innovation.

Best of Taste at Food Fair

In the following years the company expanded it product range; acquired some prestigious clients e.g. Fortnum and Masons, and began to export its products overseas.

Its reputation for innovation is probably unsurpassed in the fine food sector. In 2006 The Best of Taste Company won 2 Gold Awards from the Guild of Fine Foods for 2 of its desert sauces.

The Best of Taste Company have won several fine food sector awards for the innovative desert sauces.

Nick continues to have expansion plans for the business and the company has recently updated and expanded its workshop in Oswestry

Under the able leadership of Nick Lipsom The Best of Taste Company continues to grow and prosper, and as such the company is testimony to the power of continuous innovation and the Shield Programme.

Award winning innovation from The Best of Taste Company